All products at MinhTan are highly personalized. With a young team, we listen to the needs of each customer, optimizing each product to increase value.

At MinhTan we have young people full of passion and creativity

About us

With more than 7 years of experience in the manufacturing field, we have built an effective production process, from raw material selection to product completion. Extensive understanding of the art of craftsmanship and techniques for working with wood and natural materials is a strength that helps us create unique and sophisticated interior products.

With pride and passion, with a number of solid advantages in materials and techniques at MinhTan, we believe that these are outstanding advantages to create quality products. The uniqueness and sophistication of our products are not only the result of creativity, but also come from meticulous production processes and exquisite craftsmanship. The team of artisans here are not only hard workers, but also people with dedication and passion for their craft.

Our factory is large, with an area of 1400m2, equipped with modern equipment and technology to support the production process and ensure the quality of products is always good when shipped and brings convenience. High benefits for customers with the most optimal costs.

Our young staff not only works hard but also brings fresh dynamism and creativity, helping us constantly innovate and respond quickly to market trends and desires. always ready to accompany customers to realize the most creative ideas and create unique living spaces, reflecting the individuality of each family and business.

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Competitive advantage

We are a direct importer of raw materials and we understand that with this we can control the materials right from the beginning combined with many years of experience and techniques in the profession to ensure the quality of the starting materials. best last. Based on the best materials combined with meticulous handicraft skills, we create highly finished interior products. Always dedicated and put the highest standards in each product.

All products at MinhTan are highly personalized. With a young team, we listen to the needs of each customer, optimize each product according to need and surprisingly increase the convenience of the interior.

At MinhTan, we also prioritize sustainable production factors and social responsibility. We always prioritize the use of natural and sustainable materials, keeping each product not only beautiful but also safe and environmentally friendly.

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