All products at MinhTan are highly personalized. With a young team, we listen to the needs of each customer, optimizing each product to increase value.


Thiết kế xây dựng


With rich experience, good thinking and skills in the field of interior product design, we are confident that we can bring your ideas to reality. Ice cream follows the optimal options for production, transportation, and packaging plans, suitable for each goal you desire.

Manufacturing (ODM/OEM)

OEM our products, our design, we produce, the brand is yours.

OCM is your idea, we develop and produce it into a real product and the brand and business rights are yours.

Agent service

In our Agent Service model, we offer a flat fee (% based on purchasing turnover.) Our team will manage all expenses and facility costs, typical of a normal trading platform. Value added here will be in product expertise, price negotiation, and payment terms.

In addition to the comprehensive services described above, MINHTAN also offers a QC service – on a shipment by shipment basis – to our clients who are especially concerned with the quality of their order. Our QC experts will complete a detailed, on-site report, sending this to your purchasing team before the goods leave the factory. Due to their work experience with certain product categories, the QC staff will be able to advise your buyers on how to fix the problem and, whether or not to proceed or cancel the order completely.