All products at MinhTan are highly personalized. With a young team, we listen to the needs of each customer, optimizing each product to increase value.

We mainly use materials
from: WalnutRaintreeOakAsh

We mainly use materials



Walnut wood has perfect hardness, cream-colored sapwood, and heartwood color ranging from light brown to chocolate. In particular, this type of wood possesses a natural, beautiful, and luxurious swirling pattern without any type of wood. Any wood available.



Raintree wood has white-yellow sapwood, stable wood quality, very loose and less warped, no termites, no cracks and has high elasticity. The grain of tamarind wood is a big plus point that makes this tree the second most popular tree today.



The oak grain surface is highly aesthetic and has many advantages. Such as scratch-proof, moisture-proof, easy to clean, suitable for many different architectural projects such as houses, offices, schools.



The aesthetics of finished products made from ash wood always satisfy both the worker and the user. Because the wood grain color is light, it can easily be sprayed to adjust the color as desired to aesthetically suit each home’s space.

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