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Ash wood is a popular and diverse type of wood, often used in many different applications from furniture to tools. Ash wood stands out with its beautiful wood grain and off-white color, creating a luxurious and sophisticated surface. This type of wood is common in temperate regions of North America, Europe and Eurasia.

One of the important characteristics of Ash wood is its uniformity and ease of processing. This wood is resistant to shrinkage and termites, making it an ideal material for making furniture, decorations, crafts, and even sports items such as tennis rackets and clubs. golf.

Ash wood is also popular in the flooring and partition industry, thanks to its durability and resistance to abrasion. In addition, it is often used in making containers and packaging products thanks to its lightness and durability.

With its natural properties and good processing ability, Ash wood is not only a quality construction material, but also brings natural beauty and warmth to every space used.