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A bench is a type of long chair and can usually accommodate many people. It is usually designed as a long, flat and narrow surface, often placed on a base or tripod. Benches can have many different designs and uses, depending on the context and specific needs of use.

In the living room, the bench can be used as part of a sofa set or as a stand-alone chair. It often provides an open and comfortable sitting space for meetings or conversations.

In the dining room, benches are often used to create a comfortable sitting space for many people. Often placed with dining tables, benches can replace or be combined with traditional dining chairs.

Benches designed for outdoor use are usually large and durable chairs, suitable for placement in gardens, parks, or other public areas.

In dressing areas, such as gyms or fashion stores, benches are often used to create a convenient sitting space while users try on clothes.

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